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Bristol Easton Singing Company

This is our Junior Choir and is led by Cheryl Hatcliffe assisted by a team of adults. The young people are taught to sing a variety of music which is featured in our services and musical programmes. This too provides training and development with the aim of encouraging the members to join the Songster Brigade (our senior choir) at the appropriate time.

Both young people's groups provide valuable contributions to the musical expressions at Easton, not only in the Sunday worship meetings but also including participation in the Festival of Christmas Music held every December , the Music in the Park programmes at Keynsham and other local events. 

In addition, as members of these sections, the young people are able to join in the annual Music Schools run both Nationally and Regionally by the Salvation Army. These provide dedicated training in Christian music and guidance on their personal development, culminating in a final festival held on the last night of this week of music making.  Further opportunities arise from joining with young musicians from other Salvation Army Centres in the South West in what is known as the Divisional Youth Band and the recently formed Divisional Youth Chorus. These groups regularly meet together to rehearse and prepare for concerts and participation in Salvation Army events.

We feel it is appropriate to foster and promote the talents these youngsters show at this stage in their lives, as well as encouraging their spiritual development.  Working together in making music can be great fun and provides fellowship in a dedicated environment, as well as providing a source of inspiration to those who listen to their contributions.