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Bristol Easton Young People's Band

Provides instrumental training in Brass and Percussion for both boys and girls of seven years of age and above.  A number of the Senior Bandsmen sit in with them at practices to help them with their training.  Progression of their learning of an instrument is enhanced by playing together in this band.  Ultimately, this is a source of additions to the Senior Band as they have the opportunity to transfer when they reach 16 years of age.

Both young people's music groups provide valuable contributions to the musical expressions at Easton, not only in the Sunday worship meetings but also including participation in the Festival of Christmas Music held every December, the Music in the Park programmes at Keynsham and other local events. 

We feel it is appropriate to foster and promote the talents these youngsters show at this stage in their lives, as well as encouraging their spiritual development.  Working together in making music can be great fun and provides fellowship in a dedicated environment, as well as providing a source of inspiration to those who listen to their contributions.